Our Services

Our office specializes in providing Comprehensive Wealth Management to qualified investors. Click on Definition of Qualified Investor for specific requirements.

Through leading-edge technology and access to unbiased research, ZWF will identify investment opportunities and outline an investment strategy designed to help you address obstacles that may hinder your financial goals. As an independent office, we have access to a wide array of investment products and services including:

  1. Durable Income Securities.***
  2. Managed Accounts for Stocks and Bonds
  3. Fixed Indexed Annuities
  4. Variable Annuities
  5. Direct Investments in Oil &Gas
  6. Oil & Gas Royalties Programs
  7. Municipal Bonds
  8. Regulation D Investments
  9. 1031 Land Exchanges
  10. Insurance for Long Term Care, Estate Planning, Income, Growth
  11. Mutual Funds
  12. Closed End Funds
  13. C.D.
  14. Structured Products


***ZWF and the Alternative Investment Committee of Newbridge Securities completes  due dilligence on new products that may become available to clients in the future. We also perform reviews of the Durable Income Securities on an ongoing basis for due dilligence on the products we recommended and hold for our clients.  We seek to understand how these Durable Income Securities will perform for our clients during unexpected markets.

We focus on Durable Income Securities matched to the specific needs of our individual clients, business owners. We expound on the balanced risks and rewards of the NCIs for the benefit of our clients.

"Durable Income Securities are as varied as the blooming flowers of an open field and the wild beasts of Africa. Their specializations are too varied to be described as a group. The main aspect of these securities commonalities are that they are not stocks, bonds, CDs or cash..” David R. Zoellner, Sr. Chief Investment Officer -   Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC.


We offer a variety of cash management services like:

  1. Checking
  2. Debt Cards
  3. ACH Payments
  4. Wire Transfers

Specialty Services with NO CHARGE to the Client.

  1. Business Evaluations
  2. Needs-Based Analysis


Check with us to see if we offer a service in which you have an interest.  If the service you desire is available at a full service financial institution then there is a good chance it is available here at Zoellner Whole Financial Professional LLC.