New Client Procedures

2 Pathways Forward For New Clients

(1) We offer a Comprehensive Wealth In-Person Interview that is extensive and gathers info on family, assets, objectives and time horizons.


(2) Our proprietary Financial Triage Document is a document that new clients can fill out and provide their info. We offer a follow-up call to fill in any missing important data.


The Pathways Lead to how we offer Comprehensive Wealth Management


The Letter of Understanding

The Letter of Understanding document is a letter created from what we learned in the interview or Triage and is emailed for your review. This is what we learned from you in either method and lets you know what we understand about your current financial position in great detail. When the clients sign and returns the Letter of Understanding confirmation correspondence, we create the Matrix of Issues.


The Matrix of Issues: The matrix focuses on four areas of your investment life.

Investments - Insurance - Retirement - Estate Planning.

We highlight what needs to be reviewed or changed in each of the four categories based on what we learned and has been confirmed by the client in the Letter of Understand.

We then understand your Goals, Needs and Dreams to put you on the path to financial comfort. At this point of discovery, we offer advise and solutions with confidence that we understand your needs, wants, dreams and  what is in your best interest.



     Helping You Stay on the Path

Monthly statements and the offer to review month end balances and cash flow.


Investment Policy Statement can be created with an agreed upon level of  service and information flow together.


Touching base regularly with calls and optional quarterly meetings.



Next Generational Wealth:

Families with several million in financial assets, to be passed to the next generation, may have  concerns that the inheritors will misstep or misuse the family wealth.

We will encourage the use of Family Meetings. These are multi-generational gatherings of the family to discuss TOPICS AND ISSUES about wealth and money.

The Psychology and Stages of Money looks at different stages of the life of our children and grandchildren ages 6 yrs old thru 30 yrs. We offer milestones of developement and what activities to introduce, to foster care of the family fortunes.

FAMILY DYNAMICS ISSUES FOR FAMILY MEMBERS: Education Assessment, Personal Initiatives, Health Issues, Marriage Issues