New Client Procedures


At ZWF we apply our standards for gathering information to provide suitable recommendations to our new clients.  Our interview process called the Ethical Needs Analysis is comprehensive and thorough. The Ethical Needs Analysis is titled so because we do not want to disparage the choices you have made with your trusted advisors and want to add to the progress you have already acquired in your financial life.

We begin our interviewing process by inquiring about your family and extended family to see if you have any special situations that are an obligation or a desire you have for their wellbeing. We gather data about your investments, business, real estate, liabilities, retirement plans, social security, taxes, major expenses, all manner of insurance for investment and protection, estate plans, titling of your assets and your charitable inclinations.

During our interview we ask you about your feelings on risk, taxes, time horizons, investment constraints, attitudes about investing and your needs for liquidity in the short, medium and long term. We attempt to uncover all aspects of your financial life to garner an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be safely in the future.

Once the interview has been completed, we check for accuracy of the data gathered. We do so by writing down everything discussed during the Ethical Needs Analysis interview in a letter. We call this letter, The Letter of Understanding. We mail the letter to you for your review for accuracy. Any small change will be noted and added to the letter and resent until you tell us it is 100% correct.

Next, we review the data. Based on your desires, feelings, goals and ambitions we search for obstacles that do not match your goals or will inhibit you from progressing toward your goals if they are not addressed. We present our findings in what we call the Matrix of Issues. The Matrix has four categories that are organized in a succinct manner to identify what actions will be required in each area of your financial life. The Matrix Categories

  1. Investments

  2. Insurance

  3. Distributions of Wealth while living

  4. Distribution of Wealth after death


Finally, we will schedule a private meeting so that we can understand what areas of the matrix are most important to you to begin making changes and prepare a plan of action.


Please remember that at Zoellner Whole Financial Professional LLC our motto:                                                                                                                                     

 "Our Whole Focus is You !"