Durable Income Securities Programs

Zoellner Whole Financial Professional LLC has opportunities for investors who are either Qualified Investors (see Definition on the Home page), or Accredited Investors* in Durable Income Securities.

Durable Income Securities are a source of diversification and income for the right portfolios and clients. Zoellner Whole Financial has Non-Correlated  Investment Programs that may be right for your diverfication needs.

  • Real Estate Opportunities
  • LLCs and Limited Partnerships
  • 1031 Exchange Programs
  • Closed-End Interval Funds
  • Debt and /or Equity of Privately Owned Companies
  • Real Estate - Loans & Securities
  • Equipment Leasing/Financing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Venture Capital

Newbridge Securities takes careful due diligence and review before offering the Durable Income Investments on a platform for investment. Professional Advisors must  be approved to offer NCIs to clients.  Testing on each program is mandatory before for the Advisor can offer any Durable Income  Investments to their clients. Each State has guidelines and rules in conjunction with  Regulators to protect clients from over investment in Durable Income Securities with maximun percentage allocations of the client's overall liquid net worth. Special paperwork and documents are all part of the NCI Investment Process.

Call today, and see if Zoellner Whole Financial Professional LLC can expand your investment holdings and diversification with a Durable Income Stragety.