David Sr. Thoughts on Durable Income


Durable Income is available through ZWF PLLC but may not be at other Financial Groups or possibly limited in comparison to our offerings.
“ I learned of Durable Income Investments 20 years after starting my career. Once I realized the benefits and risks of these investments I understood the reason why Pension Plans allocated their capital in these securities.” David Sr.
David Sr., ”It's not surprising that people were not familiar with these options. They have high barriers of entry for advisors. Understanding the balance risks and rewards, due diligence, required reading, conferences, mandatory testing and learning how to qualify clients for these securities make implementing Durable Income Strategies a challenge. Buy and Hold Strategies are far more common in the Retail Financial Service Business.
David Sr., “ Most of our clients that use Durable Income want to build cash inside their accounts. They like the comfort of cash coming in regular intervals and either under my supervision or an outside bank account. Other clients use the durable income combined with annuities, pensions, social security, dividends and interest to live on in retirement. We have one client relying on the steady payments to pay the mortgage on their second home in Florida."
"Whether the cash distributions are casual or essential, our clients rely on me to keep them on track and informed about their Durable Income Portfolio.David Sr.