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Zoellner Whole Financial PLLC offers a service to defer taxes and complete large transactions using the Deferred Sales Trust™

Business Brokers & Commercial Real Estate Brokers often times share the same type of problem. Their clients want  to sell their asset at a price greater than what the market will bear. Their clients are aware that taxes on the sale will reduce their proceeds and leave them feeling that should have gotten a better deal.

One of the negative consequences of this problem for all is, NO SALE.

Capital gains taxes, state taxes, Obama Care taxes and depreciation recapture taxes take a significant bite out of the proceeds in a sale. By using IRC Code 453 in an installment sale in a trust, these taxes are deferred for extended periods. And because the proceeds for the transaction are much greater, the clients then have options to accept a fair market price and complete a transaction.

We are members of the Estate Planning Team. Our team follows the protocol of the IRC tax Code 453, we can facilitate the deferral of taxes for prolonged periods accumulating increasing wealth from the sale of low cost basis assets. Working alongside experts in tax law & estate planning we can assist in passing wealth on to the next generation and create income for the current generation to enjoy now.


Completing the transaction is good for the U.S. economy. Brokers receive compensation for their efforts through their commissions. Taxes are paid on the compensation. Money is funneled back into the U.S. economy. Sellers are unburdened by the responsibilities of running the business or maintaining a property they want to get out from underneath.


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