DST™ is a Tool

A Deferred Sales Trust™(DST™) is a tool to delay the capital gains and other taxes on a closing transaction. The execution of the DST™ using a Trustee with professional administration of the trust is imparitive to keep the taxes deferred. In order for a DST™ to qualify for capital gains taxes to be deferred it must be considered a bona fide third-party trust with a legitimate third-party trustee.

The Estate Planning Team and their staff of Professionals have well established procedures and practices that are implimented to keep the Trust operational and tax deferred. The DST™ has also passes IRS examinations during IRS Audits.

"A tool is only as good as the operator using it. Using the right tool, at the the right time, in the correct manner will make the difference in the desired outcome of any procedure, product or plan of action."

David R, Zoellner Sr.